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Vournas Coffee Trading, LLC[1][2]is a family owned specialty coffee importing company founded in 2002 by brothers Andrew Vournas[3]and Michael Vournas[1].

Vournas Coffee Trading specializes in sourcing green coffee[4] from growers who produce specialty grade Arabica coffees[5] [6] . They sell to roasters and wholesalers across the United States and worldwide . They are based in Westlake Village, California. Vournas Coffee Trading stores and ships coffee at warehouses in San Leandro, California; Carteret, New Jersey; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Vournas Coffee Trading offerings include Fair Trade coffee, Organic coffee, single estate and conventional coffees.


Other than helping farmers and coffee farms, Vournas Coffee has also been supporting health programs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, among others.[7]


  • Vournas Coffee partnered with Kaapi Royal Coffee in September 1, 2011 to import coffees from India.[8]


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