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While New Zealand is a small market in terms of coffee sales compared to the US and Germany we have many diverse ranges of coffee.

One of the latest ranges just recently launched in New Zealand is Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee.

For the short time that the website has been up...... orders have already started coming in. Many buyers are actually New Zealanders who have visited Vietnam and who remember the distinctive taste of the No 1 coffee brand "Trung Nguyen".

With 4 different blends of 250g grounded coffee there is a selection that will appeal to the different tastes.

On the whole though the coffee is a little stronger than what you would expect. Howver it is also very smooth, no real bitter after taste.

What adds to the Vietnamese Coffee experience is the Trung Nguyen Stainless steel coffee filters. If you have never seen this traditional coffee filter in operation, do a youtube search and watch how the filters work.

With over 4000 Vietnamese living in New Zealand and many more New Zealanders appreciating the special coffee taste of Trung Nguyen, the choice of coffee in New Zealand is expanding.