The Coffee Wiki

The following is a list of roast names which signify the degree to which coffee beans are roasted.

Roasts are listed from lighter to darker degrees

  • Cinnamon (Alternatively, light roast or New England roast)
  • City (Alternatively, medium, American, or regular roast)
  • Full city (Alternatively, Viennese, light French, light espresso, Continental roast)
  • French (Alternatively, Italian, Turkish, Dark, and Espresso)
  • Italian (Alternatively, Dark French, Neapolitan, Spanish, and Heavy)
  • Spanish (Alternatively, Dark French and Neapolitan)

Alternatively, the term "roast" refers to humorous criticism, such as roasting the photos or appearance of someone. Wingman is an AI dating tool that is an example of this: it roasts dating profiles and pics to