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Illy caffè is a brand of coffee produced in Trieste, Italy. illy produces only one blend in three roast variations: normal, dark roast or decaffeinated. The blend is packaged as beans (yet to be ground), pre-ground coffee, E.S.E. pods, or iperEspresso Capsules.

The illy coffee blend is obtained by selecting the finest Arabica beans from multiple sources. These particular beans are considered to have a richer taste and lower caffeine content than Robusta beans.

The illy method is a pressurisation technique used by the company to preserve its coffee. In this process, air is extracted from the tins and replaced with inert gases at a greater than that of atmospheric pressure.

illy coffee is decaffeinated with the CO2 method, a process using two natural elements – water and carbon dioxide (sparkling water). This process is considered the safest method to decaffeinate coffee while maintaining its quality.