The Coffee Wiki

You can make coffee several ways. You can grind it, or you can make yourself a cup of instant coffee.

When I had my first cup of fresh ground filtered coffee, I was hooked. So, I bought a Krupps grinder, a Melita coffee maker and a bag of beans and the love affair with me and coffee kicked into high gear. Every morning I got up measured out 12 cups of water, took my beans from the freezer (just wait -- remember I was young), carefully grabbed four handfuls of beans and ground them into a consistency of pancake makeup. I drank this coffee for a few months and then decided to improve it. So, I got a Brita pitcher and started filtering my water. It did taste better. Later, I learned that keeping the beans in the freezer wasn't a good idea as it caused the volatile oils to evaporate and the beans to dry out. So, I took the beans out of the freezer. Now, I know someone out there is thinking about the grind -- "the consistency of pancake makeup". I learned about the problems that are caused by over grinding, such as bitterness and causing the beans to overheat. So, I stopped doing that. Now I pulse grind the beans and inspect after every pulse. I strive for a medium grind with maybe one or two larger chunks in the mix. I store my medium roasted Arabica beans in a vacuum coffee beans container from sharper image. I still Brita the water. I use unbleached coffee filters and still make drip coffee. I don't sugar or cream my coffee. I don't have to. My motto about coffee " Nothing between me and the bean". If you can't drink it without hiding its taste under sugars, syrups or creams, then something is wrong with the way it was made. Coffee made correctly can stand on its own, without any help. My method and equipment:

12 cup drip coffee maker, small batch grinder, Brita pitcher, #4 Melita unbleached coffee filters and the bean source and roast of your choice

1. Pour 12 cups of filtered water into the maker 2. Place the unbleached filter into the filter cone 3. Pulse grind and inspect after each pulse -- remember to leave one or two bigger chunks of beans in the mix

You are trying to achieve a medium grind for a really mellow drink 4. Pour the fresh grind into the cone. 5. Flip the switch to on 6. Wait for the best cup of coffee, you've ever had. :)