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Small-scale roasting at home from green coffee beans provides an enjoyable way to have high quality coffee at home.



There are several methods for home roasting that vary in cost, difficulty, and batch size. With all methods, the key factor is to heat the coffee uniformly with constant agitation.

The simplest is a basic pan or skillet, where the coffee is heated in a pan and agitated with a wooden spoon for approximately 5 minutes. (more information on this method). A stovetop popcorn popper can also be used in this manner.

Certain types of air popcorn poppers can also be used, if they are the right type.

Beyond repurposing existing cookware or home appliances, there is a range of dedicated home roast appliances, such as the FreshRoast SR500 and the Behmohr 1600.



Roast strengths[]

Homeroasted coffee can be roasted to various levels.