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Friele (Kaffehuset Friele) is a Norwegian coffee manufacturer and brand based in Midtun, a commercial and residential district of the borough of Fana in Bergen, Norway. Friele is the largest producer of coffee in Norway.

The company was started in 1799 when ship’s captain Herman Friele I landed in Bergen to start trading. He bought a property in Bergen and established an import business with emphasis on coffee. Towards the middle of the 1800's, coffee consumption was growing due to falling prices from increased global production.

Friele is now owned by the seventh generation and chairman Herman Friele. Friele buys its coffee beans from 9–10 different countries, mainly from Brazil and Kenya. Until the mid 1980s most of the coffee was sold in Western and Northern Norway, but since it has expanded throughout the country. The present plant was constructed in 1981.

Friele Frokost Kaffe is the leading brand with a market share of 29%. Friele's product line also includes the brands Kronekaffe and Café Noir. Collectively all the Friele coffee brands have a total national market share of 35%.