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Folger's Coffee, so called because it was first marketed by the merchant James Folger, is a major brand of coffee in the United States. Once a Procter & Gamble brand, it is now a product of the food and beverage division of The J.M. Smucker Co.

In the 1970s, when Folger's Coffee began to advertise in earnest on television, actress Virginia Christine acted out a character named Mrs. Olson in the commercials that it produced and transmitted.

Beginning in the late 1990s, the commercials for Folger's Coffee have featured a jingle whose main couplet reads, "The best part of waking up / Is Folger's in your cup."

Coffee Types[]

In the United States, there are 9 'families' of Folger's Coffee; many of these are available in decaffeinated versions:

  • Classic Roast, including Classic "Red Can" and Half Caff. (These are Medium-Roasted coffees.)
  • Classic Complements: including Gourmet Supreme (Dark Roast), 100% Colombian (Med-Dark), French Roast (Med-Dark), Black Silk (Dark Roast) and Breakfast Blend (Light Roast).
  • Simply Smooth, a stomach-friendly medium-roasted coffee.
  • Flavored Coffee: Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Chocolate Silk, Cinnamon.
  • Folger's Gourmet Selections: a line of gourmet varietal and flavored coffees.
  • Instant Coffee: Folger's Crystals are available in Regular and Decaffeinated ("Decaf") versions. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the actor Albert Ames appeared in commercials, involving secret replacements of renowned restaurants's usual coffee with examples of this Folger's "family," that called it "Coffee rich enough to be served in America's finest restaurants."
  • Singles: Single serve packets (like tea bags).
  • Home Cafe Pods: For use with one cup brewing systems such as HomeCafe.
  • folgers is a major coffe brand