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The coffee industry of Peru is one of that country's most important agriculture sectors, accounting for twelve percent of all agricultural exports in 2004[1]. Peru is also one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, with over 216 million kilograms exported in 2006. Additionally, Peru is noted for being one of the major producers of organic and fair trade coffee beans in world. These exports make Peru the ninth largest producer of coffee in the world, yet only the third largest exporter of coffee in South America[2].

Coffee farms[]

Arabica coffee is grown on approximately 200,000 farms in Peru. Most of these farms are small, averaging less than two hectares (five acres) in size. Most coffee is then processed through cooperatives, and distributed through several intermediaries before being sold for export[3].

Coffee growing in Peru is not limited to a particular region, but is common from the north to the south of the country, including the Machu Pichu region. Coffee grown in the central region of Chanchamayo is often the mosted noted variety of coffee in Peru[4].

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