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The Coffee Award is an award given away every month to a Coffee Wiki user. To participate in the discussion deciding who will get these awards. Remember that the award is not based on edit count, but quality of contributions. For the top users in edit count.

Types of awards[]

Family Awards[]

  • Platnum Coffee Award - Best overall service to the Wiki.
  • Gold Americano Award - Second best overall service to the Wiki.
  • Silver Starbucks Award - Third best overall service to the Wiki.
  • Bronze Costa Coffee Award - Leader of Points at the end of each month.


  1. Anyone can nominate a user and vote.
  2. IPs can not be nominated.

Coffee Platnum Awards[]

February 2011 User:Quiet Man[]

Americano Golden Awards[]

February 2011 User:Meganhassler[]

Starbucks Silver Awards[]

February 2011 User:Game widow[]

Costa Coffee Bronze Awards[]

February 2011 User:Kate.moon[]