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For being located in the heart of San Francisco's "Multimedia Gulch" this South Park-based Caffe Centro has an outre web presence. No worries, that's not their business – it's making coffee. The popular neighborhood cafe delivers consistent brews and espresso-based drinks with alacrity if lacking a bit on cutesy touches (what, no latte art?). The vibe in the joint recalls that of a college campus with a lot of ideas percolating throughout the tight interior quarters and sidewalk seating. The Next Big Thing is being hatched on netbooks and napkins with a palpable buzz – and it ain't just the caffiene.

The grub is good (sandwiches, salads, etc.) as is The "express pay" option (a bucket in which one is encouraged to throw a $1.75 for a regular, self-serve coffee) is an ingenious means of keeping the line flowing when the cue spills into the street, which it often does around peak hours in the morning and lunchtime . A fine place to start your media empire.

Located at 102 South Park Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 882-1500 ‎