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Automatic Drip Brewer is perhaps the most common way Americans brew their coffee. Very few home drip brewers actually get water hot enough to extract the full flavor from coffee. As a result, more people prefer darker, heavier roasts like Sumatra, Espresso, and French Roast for their drip. If a home drip brewer reaches and maintains a proper brew temperature, light and medium roasted coffees beat out the darker roasts. A properly functioning, high quality home drip brewer will produce coffee as good as a commercial drip brewer. If you use freshly ground coffee and your final brew from your home drip brewer is too thin or weak, attempt to make the grind finer and/or increase the amount of grounds per 4 oz. water from one tablespoon to one rounded tablespoon. If the brew becomes bitter, you've likely ground your beans too fine.


Automatic Drip Machine


  • grinders
  • measuring spoon
  • filtered water (NOT distilled)
  • correct size paper filter (a "gold" filter can be used if it fits into brewer filter basket properly)

Grind Setting[]

  • between pour-over and Cafeteria
  • generally a couple settings finer than the half way point on burr grinder adjustment


One Tablespoon per 4 oz. water

Brewing Time[]

4:30 - 6:00 minutes


  • measure ground coffee into filter based on amount of water you pour into brewer
  • pour water into the brewer water reservoir
  • press start on brewer (if required)
  • never allow brewed coffee to sit on a heat source because it will adversely change the flavor of the brew (ie: glass pot on warmer)
  • when complete, pour into serving cups for immediate enjoyment (remainder can be held in pre-heated carafe for up to 30 minutes)