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Swirly designs in the crema in a cup of Americano (photo by Journeyscoffee)

History of the Drink[]

An Americano is an espresso-based drink designed to resemble coffee brewed in a drip filter, considered popular in the United States of America. This drink consists of a single or double-shot of espresso combined with up to four or five ounces of hot water in a two-demitasse cup. It is important to note, that an Americano is created by adding the water to an already extracted espresso, not by extracting extra water through a single espresso puck. An Americano can be produced from lighter roasted coffees and roasts not generally associated with espresso, such as Ethiopian or Sumatran origins[1].

While some state that the Americano was created in Europe to deride the perceived American taste for weaker coffees, it is more likely that it was developed in the United States city of Seattle. A well-made Americano retains the subtle aroma of espresso with a lighter body and less bitterness[2].

How to Make an Americano[]

  • ⅓ espresso
  • ⅔ water

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